Falklands 35 ~ Christopher Frances Hailwood

Christopher Hailwood

3rd Engineering Officer Christopher Francis Hailwood Royal Fleet Auxiliary Sir Galahad 5 August 1955 ~8 June 1982 Age 26

Christopher Frances Hailwood was born in Bucklow, Cheshire on 5 August 1955. His parents Cyril Hailwood and Rita Delaney had married the year before in 1954, Christopher was their oldest son, the couple went on to have a daughter Barbara and two more sons, Paul and Terry.

Chris went on to join the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and was 3rd Engineering Officer on the Sir Galahad in the Falklands War in 1982.Chris had married Caroline Davies in Weymouth in 1980 and they lived in Farnborough, Hants as the islands were invaded. Their son James was born early in 1982 and was a young baby as Chris left to go to War.

Sadly Chris was killed on 8 June 1982 during a bombing of the Sir Galahad in Fitzroy. He is honoured on all of the usual Falklands memorials but also on a very special one at St John’s Church in Marchwood. It is dedicated to the memory of the men of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary who lost their lives in action in the South Atlantic in 1982 in defence of the freedom of the Falkland Islands and dependencies. The Memorial was re-dedicated in 2016 and is well tended.

James got to present Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth with a stone for another memorial on the 25th anniversary of the War. That day our Queen placed a stone on a traditional Scottish cairn in the grounds of Pangbourne College, in Berkshire, completing the memorial to the 255 Britons killed in the Falkland Islands conflict.

Chris is also mentioned on the Crewe War Memorial.

We thank you for your service!

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Author: JayHyrons

A Falklands Widow & Former Miss England BodyBuilder I am dedicated to raising money for charity & honouring our Troops via 100 Year Challenge as well as raising awareness for #InvisibleIllness We cant change what happens to us but we can choose what we do with it! Favourite saying~ Noone dies wishing they watched more TV!!!

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